Positive English with GATE

GATE provides a pathway for your values that surpasses time. Value is not only about chasing latest trends but a process of making philosophy. To protect passions and values in today’s fast changing and volatile world, GATE will lead positive education of children. Through respecting values and individuality of our students, GATE’s power of positive education will reinforce student learning in new environment. All pathways to English learning go through ‘GATE’.

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 Our programs

GATE is integrated solution program that provides language acquisition process according to variety of contents and learning methods by structural enhancement in all areas of English including Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading. Gate uses reading as core element of English learning process.Student can build self-confidence and acquire logical writing skills through the reading-based system which provides creativity through storytelling and enjoyment of long term English learning process.

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 Professional teachers of GATE

As certified teachers of English in many accreditedinstitutions of TESOL, TEFL, and CELTA, Gate provides separate training sessions for our individual teachers in order to ensure student centered classroom environment. GATE helps teachers to guarantee best English learning environment by performing periodic teacher evaluation, managing communication between student and teacher, providing feedback on classroom sessions the quality of education.

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 Events to Promoting Students

Gate holds promotional event to encourage students’joy and purpose of learning. While everyone knows that one should do their homework and memorizing vocabulary words give fruitful results, they also say that they lack memorization skill and time. Is it really true that people are born with better brain? No, it isn’t. It depends on how you motivate and stimulate the learning process. GATE strives to answer this question of “Why must I learn English?” and to make that road an enjoyable one.

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A Perfect start to master English in all ages.

GATE Philosophy

Acknowledging the value of difference and changing the world with positive education.

Great Teachers

As certified teachers who are teaching English for the purpose of English education, Gate provides group of professional teachers that strive to create communicative learning environment between teacher and student

Customers Eye Level

Offers learning direction to move forward through level specific consulting system with parents and students.

Diverse Books

Have diverse textbooks and storybooks for level specific programs that fit the needs of all age group and levels.

Expose to English

Create 100% English speaking environment to maximize student’s exposure to English language

Right Feedback

Monthly student report that entails feedbacks which reflect careful consideration of the level and characteristic of individual.

Who we are

Introduction to our Academy

Mother's Class Programs

Skills for mothers to teach kids at home

Caramel Tree Readers

Delicious leveld readers for young english learners

Teaching Skills
that changes lives